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ATTENTION SENIORS: Absolutely Free Pickup, Washing, Drying & Delivery of Your Laundry.

In December 2018 when thousands of federal workers were furloughed, Laundry City stepped in and allowed them to wash & dry their laundry at no charge at our facilities. In May 2018 when hundreds of residents on the Frederick Ave. corridor of southwest Baltimore and Ellicott City became victims of one of the worst flooding in the area, we stepped in and allowed them to wash at our facilities until they were able to get their lives back together.

Stepping in and helping people in need is something we view as a responsibility at Laundry City. In fact, over the years, it has become a habit and much a part of our company’s culture. To that end, we have decided to step in and help the most vulnerable among us as we battle the Coronavirus.

Effective immediately, anyone who is over 70 years old and wishes to avoid undue exposure to contacting the virus may call us to pick up their laundry to wash, dry and deliver them at absolutely no charge.

The following rules/conditions apply:

Only 1 pickup per household per week

Each pickup is limited to 1 kitchen size garbage bag

Government issued ID may be to verify age

Beneficiaries must make reservation by email using our website: laundrycity24.com

All pickups will be done on Tuesdays. Deadline for making reservations for each week’s pickup is 12:00 PM on Monday. Reservations made after that time will be picked up the following week.

Email must specify name; complete address; phone #; date of birth; and email address, if available.

Beneficiary must leave laundry by the front door and provide a 2-hour window in which it may be picked up. The pickup windows are: 8-10 AM; 10 AM -12 PM; 12 PM-2 PM; 2 PM- 4 PM; and 4 PM-6 PM.

Laundry will be returned 24-36 hours after pickup and will be left by the front door.

This offer applies to the following zip codes only

21201 21202 21206 21207 21208 21209
21210 21211 21212 21213 21214 21215
21216 21217 21218 21221 21223 21224
21225 21227 21228 21229 21230 21231
21133 21042 21043 21044 21045 21046
21093 21060 21061 21030 21117 21244
21204 21205 21286 21153