About Us




These 3 words sum up what Laundry City stands for. We make it Convenient for you by making it simple. Once you determine you have a need for our service, all you need to do is click on our Hot Spot Service, if you wish to have our staff pick up your Comforters, Rugs or Laundry to wash, dry & fold them for you while you spend your valuable time doing other things. Or, if you wish to do your own Laundry, just click on our 365 In-Store Do-It-Yourself Service to find the location closest to you with all the features we offer.

Of course, you may call us at any of our locations at anytime with any questions you may have.

Our Hot Spot locations are in several cities and towns throughout Howard County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Harford County & Baltimore City. We can pick up your Rugs, Comforters or Laundry within 2-4 hours anywhere everyday of the week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Our normal turn around time is 24-36 hours. For those customers in a rush, we also offer 6-8 hour service for an extra fee.

Your order is always handled in a professional manner every step of the way. We use barcode technology to track your order from the time you place the service request until the time we return it to you. We employ best practices in handling your order to ensure that they are never mixed with other customers’ items. We also follow all health guidelines by making sure that our washers and dryers are cleaned and disinfected as needed  prior to placing your items in them.  Clothes are neatly folded and bagged prior to being returned to you.

laundry City Hot Spots continue to provide the best value for On Demand Laundry Service anywhere in Maryland. Our pickup and delivery service is absolutely free. At $1 per pound, it represents less than half of what some of our competitors charge. Simply put; no other service offers as much for as little as we charge.

So how did we become the premier laundry service in Maryland and the Eastern portion of the US? Laundry City was established in 2010 and opened our doors In December 2011 to our first customer. As a result of the phenomenal support of our happy and satisfied customers, we were forced to look for other locations that could better accommodate our need for additional services, more room, machines, and parking spaces.  

With the advent of our award winning Hot Spot Service, we are now the # 1 Laundry establishment in Maryland for customers who like the convenience of having their clothes picked up, washed, dried & folded, and then returned to them in as little a 1 day  

Today, we have Hot Spot locations to provide immediate 1 day service all over Maryland.   

We also have a 10,000 square ft. Do-It Yourself store at 5200 Moravia Rd. and a 16,000 square ft. facility at 3421 Frederick Ave. in Baltimore City. Both stores are the largest laundromats in the entire state and on the east coast of the United States. With over 500 washers & Dryers to choose from, there is never a wait to find a machine that fits your needs.

Laundry City’s primary focus is to provide customers with the most efficient and professional wash, dry and fold service for those  who elect to have our staff wash their comforters, rugs and laundry. We also focus on guaranteeing that our customers who come into our facility to do their own laundry are offorded the most pleasant laundry experience at the most affordable prices in the area.

Laundry City makes it easy and convenient for customers to operate our machines by providing all customers with a free personal Laundrycard to start their washers, dryers, and vending machines. All you need to do is load it as needed each time you visit the store  

We are the pioneers of free drying in Baltimore and continue to offer all of our dryers free to all our customers who do their own washing at our facility.

We are open 24 hours every day, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day when we close at 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM the following morning.